The menu is small and simple,however,Dulce believes that it is this that is key to the success of Joita's."we are therefore able to focus on those items,ensuring the best food possible".she says originally,Joita's only served portugese food with a mozambican flair.

The original and firm favourite meals include the chargrilled seafood combo of prawns and calamari,basted in your choice of peri-peri or garlic butter and their chargrilled peri-peri baby chicken.

They have been told by previous customers that their chicken is "tender,succulent and is the best chicken I have ever had".

Their new and expanded menu also offers other typical dishes of Portugal such as Bacalhau,Portuguese sardines and Caldo Verde,which have all been very well accepted by patrons. Hungry yet?

When you have no idea what to eat for lunch,pop on over for their delicious steak prego roll,a fillet basted in Joita's famous secret prego sauce on a crispy Portuguese roll or try the chicken and prawn combo served with crispy chips. Yum!

We are open for sitdowns from Tuesday to Saturday.